The Magic Mug® is a ceramic coffee mug. The design portion of the mug is treated with several layers of a patented thermochromatic ink process along with a creative, vibrant, full color sublimation process of your logo, message, or photo. Once a hot beverage is poured into the mug, it activates the thermochromatic ink and the image MAGICALLY appears in 15 seconds! When the mug cools down or you have consumed the hot beverage the magic reveal will disappear until the next time you add a hot beverage. If you add a HINT on the exterior of the mug it will remain on the mug at all times wither the mug is cold or hot.
At, we have tested our magic mugs in the dishwasher and microwave and experience no damaging effects. The magic continues to work perfectly over and over again. However, if you have any concerns, we strongly suggest hand washing your magic mug after each use. can produce most orders in 10 business days. Most delays if any are caused by artwork questions or artwork submission. Please use our provided templates when submitting your artwork to ensure rapid processing of your order.
We do not custom design artwork for our clients. If you are unable to create your own artwork, can refer you to several graphic designers that can assist you.
It’s FREE. The cost of shipping NORMAL coffee mugs can be quite expensive due to weight. offers FREE SHIPPING with every order.
Yes, the Magic Mug® is available in a dark navy blue, however BLACK is most popular.
The stock ceramic mugs are imported from China. THE DECORATION processes of the Magic Mug® takes place in the United States. The Magic Mug® is treated with several layers of a patented process consisting of thermochromatic ink along with a creative, vibrant, full color sublimation process of your message, logo or photo. The Magic Mug® meets or exceeds all FDA requirements for food and beverage safety. has made our prices all-inclusive. Our pricing includes all set up charges, all color charges, and FREE SHIPPING with every order. Sales tax, if applicable, will be added to your order.